What style?

Every dancer in the Kizomba scene has their own style or way of dancing.
And all new dancers joining the addiction, are able to choose one of the three main dance styles that they can learn or dance in the kizomba scene.

Don't know what the three main dance styles are?
Below you will find all info about these styles.

What is?



Semba is like Kizomba a dance originated from Africa. a rhythmic dance, with a variety of tempos created in the 1970's, together with the influence of European and traditional African

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Kizomba is like Semba a dance originated from Africa.
The dance was created in 1984. And kizomba means "Party" in Kimbundu, an Angolan language.
This dance is carried out by close partner dancing

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Urban Kiz  (also known as French Style, Kizomba 2.0, Urban Kizomba, New Style Kizomba, Kizomba Fusion) is a couple-dance derived from Kizomba. The result of this change of the kizomba dance

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