Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all attendees of  Kizomba Evolution classes and activities. (Updated August 1, 2022)


  1. Visitors are obligated to abide by the rules, guidelines, and instructions set and given by the teachers, staff and organizers of Kizomba Evolution.
  2. A visit to a location where Kizomba Evolution or a teacher is teaching or organizing is at the risk of the attendee.
    2.2. Kizomba Evolution is not liable for injury or damages of any kind.
    2.3. Use of a wardrobe or placement of personal belongings in an unsecured enviorment  where Kizomba Evolution is teaching or organizing is at risk of the attendee.
    2.4. Theft or intentional damage to property at a location where Kizomba Evolution is teaching classes or organizing events will be reported to the authorities.
    2.5. Damages or injuries done to properties or staff of Kizomba Evolution will be reclaimed from the guilty partie(s) at all times.
  3. Use of cell phones, mobile devices, cameras, or other recording devices at locations where Kizomba Evolution is teaching is not allowed without permission from the teachers, staff.
    3.1. Images and video taken by staff, teachers or organizers of attendees or visitors at locations where Kizomba Evolution organizes or teaches can be used for marketing purposes.
  4. Signing up and payment done reserves you the right to a spot for that course.
    4.1. Signingup to a course can only be done trough our signup form on the website: www.evolutiondance.academy or in person at one of our teachers..

    4.2. Kizomba Evolution has the right to refuse a subscription without explanation.
    4.3. Course fees are payable after subscription on the website or by a paymentlink in the Whatsapp groupapp
    4.4. Course fees must be paid before the start of the Course, unless another written or vocal payment agreement has been made between the student and Kizomba Evolution.
    4.5. Students who introduce 2 or more students for a full course get a discount of €5,- for 2 months, after the new students have signed up and paid for a whole course.
    4.6. Visitors are not allowed to participate in classes without the permission from a teacher of Kizomba Evolution.
    4.7. Discounts given to students or guests are only valid for the specific person, event and amount Kizomba Evolution has agreed to.
    4.8. Kizomba Evolution has a whatsapp group that is only intended for students who are joining a course [4 weeks] at that moment.
    4.9. Students if given persision will be added to the whatsapp group.
    4.10. Students who not attend a course for a month [4 weeks] will be removed automatically from the Whatsapp group starting the first Monday of the new cycle and could be added back again when rejoining a course.
    4.11. Kizomba Evolution will not accept or tolerate inappropriate behaviours in our classes or events.
    4.12. The Whatsapp group will not be used  for harassmentintimidation of any kind to any students or staff.
  5. 4.13. Students or who do so will be asked to leave the classes, staff will be terminated or in serious cases notified to the authorities.

  6. Canceling a course or subscription is free of charge up to 5 days before the start of a new course.
    5.1. Canceling a course or subscription between 5 days and 24 hours before the start of the course costs up to €10,-
    5.2. Canceling a course whithin 24 hours before the start will result in No refund of any kind.
    5.3. A refund from a cancelation within 24 hours to the start of the class, a course or an event is only possible with a medical reasons.
    5.4. A cacelation after the start of a class will not be refunded in any way.
    5.5. Refunds will be done within 14 days after the agreed refund.

  7. If students cannot attent a class after the start of a course they have to notify the teacher(s) 24 hours in advanced.
    6.1. Students will not be able to catch up a missed class if they do not notify the teacher(s) on time. (before the start of the class)
    6.2. Kizomba Evolution may cancel a Course or event at anytime without a reason, students or guests will be notified as soon as possible.
    6.3. Kizomba Evolution may cancel part of a Course at any moment without a reason, students or guests will be notified as soon as possible.
    6.4. Refunds for a canceled class or course will be completely or partly refunded depending on the remaining classes or reason of cancelation and if it was unforeseen or not.

    6.5. Kizomba Evolution reserves the right to deny students or guests with outstanding payments from attending classes or events until full payment is received.
  1. We ask that any concerns or complaints to be directed to the management of Kizomba Evolution (Donnovan) through mail: kizombaevolution@gmail.com or through a form on the website: www.evolutiondance.academy.
  2. Kizomba Evolution will communicate it’s stand on the complaint to the plaintiff in writing within 14 days after the complaint was made.
  3. Anyone who makes a complaint can be assured they will not be subjected to unfavorable treatment or victimization.
– These Terms and Conditions apply to anyone taking part in activity organized by Kizomba Eevolution.
– Kizomba Evolution reserve the right to change and ajust these terms and conditions depending on the activities and locations at anytime.
– Any agreement between Kizomba Evolution and a student or guest is protected by Dutch law.
disputes or diagreements, which cannot be settled in a normal way can or will be resolved legally.