Semba is like Kizomba a dance originated from Africa, a rhythmic dance, with a variety of tempos created in the 1970’s, together with the influence of European and traditional African dance. It’s energetic rhythm is one of the main contributors to the kizomba dance. In Angola semba was played by bands, at mostly social events.

Semba is sometimes confused with Brazilian samba, since their names are so similar. People say the word ‘semba’ comes from “massemba” what means “a touch of the bellies” (a touch of the stomachs)– one of the most recognizable movements in the semba and kizomba dance.

Semba is a danced based on walking. The dance has a range of tempos, from a slow and relaxing tempo to fast and energetic movements. The dance can be both linear or circular, depending on the dancers creativity.

The position of the hands is similar to ballroom dancing, the men lean forward or bend slightly to the back at the waist, and ladies bend their knees a little during the dance.
semba is not only a very energetic dance, but also a very playful one. with fun tricks to get the ladies they are dancing with, or the dancers standing on the side laughing.

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This Is What Semba Looks Like!

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