Kizomba is a dance that like Semba originated from Africa.
The dance was created in 1984. the meaning of kizomba is "Party" in Kimbundu, an Angolan language.

Kizomba is a close partner dance, that is being danced in a circular motion, and the connection is like semba a ballroom arm hold, with a connection with the stomach.

One of the most comon technical steps in kizomba, is the saida, that means "exit" that is performed by either the man or the lady stepping to the side of their dancing line.

The evolution of the kizomba dance is constantly changing, as every person around the world interprets music in there own way with input of their own dance background, what results in that their are many different styles with their own technics that derive from Kizomba.
some styles are easy for one to learn, then another.

Kizomba is a close sensual connected dance, that is ofthen confused with a sexual dance, what it is not.

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