Kizomba Evolution has it’s own unique style, which is described as innovative, dynamic and fun.
We constantly evolve in our dance and our techniques. (so we constantly update and upgrade our style) to keep up with the hypes and changes in  the scene and the dance.
So our style will never be obsolete.

Our style is easily combined with lots of other styles.
That means, people who dance our style, are able to adapt to
people who dance a different style, Such ass other Urban Kiz styles, the Tarraxa style or the Kizomba style. You also learn to adapt to people who have a different level then you do.
With our style, you learn the basics and the flow of Kizomba, and leading, following and the tricks you can add when you dance our Urban Kiz style.
So in a way, you learn 2 styles in 1.

Come and see how we teach, how we dance and how we enjoy ourselves on the dance floor.

Check out our classes and sign up!