Till a year ago the Dutch Kizomba scene had been a growing social event. Dutch peeps wanted to learn the dance and foreign dancers made their way to our little country. Quite a few people started to organize more Kizomba events and even more peeps trained to either be a teacher or a taxi dancer. But now we are starting to see a change in this scene we love so much.


Since I made my come back (after my sabbatical), I’ve noticed that I wasn’t having much fun at certain events anymore. These events used to be packed! What happened?! To answer my own question I started to look around, listen to what peeps have to say and I’ve come to realize that there are quite a few reasons for this rapid change.

Love on the dancefloor

Dancing Kizomba can be an amazing feeling, an addiction you can get swept away by. When you make the connection on the dancefloor it can feel euphoric, like you’re falling in love. And sometimes peeps do fall in love. And where there’s love, there’s pain. The peeps who get hurt either choose to dance a lot less or stop dancing all together. This could be a reason there are less peeps on the dancefloor.


Ego on the dancefloor

These days I hear a lot of peeps complaining about arrogance in this scene. Kizomba stands for having fun and arrogance is a vibe killer. Sadly, there are peeps, (dancers, teachers and taxi dancers) who will only dance with advanced dancers. They are not looking to have a good time, they are there to shine and stroke their ego. The more these kinds of vibes appear the less dancers will want to attend the event.

Rotterdam for example used to be, till a year ago, the place to be! Lots of foreigners came to our events (not talking ‘bout the festivals)! But due to the arrogance, the bad attitudes and the dancers who refuse to dance with certain peeps, we’ve seen a big change there. Rotterdam has lost its image that it once had.

Lately I’ve noticed that Amsterdam is now the city with the best dancers and the best turnout, but with humble dancers. They dance with everyone and lack the bad attitude. So you could say that’s the recipe for a good vibe on the dancefloor.

Taxi dancers

In the Kizomba scene you can dance with a lot of beautiful women, so it amazes me that at some party’s the female to male ratio is 3 to 1 or sometimes even worse, 5 to 1! This means a lot more women attend to these events and so lot more women dance less. I can understand that a woman won’t be excited to attend the next time. That’s why organizers try to compensate this by hiring taxi dancers. Taxi dancers are advanced dancers who either get paid a fee or get a free pass to the event so they can dance with the women who are “left out”. Hiring taxi dancers can be a good solution, with emphasis on the can 😉:

  1. Nowadays most women expect taxi dancers at the events, so they look up the taxi dance crew(s) to check if they will attend the event. If there aren’t any taxi dancers these women apparently avoid that event;
  2. The moment a taxi dance crew spots a dancer who shows talent they try to recruit him. You might think so what’s the problem, he’s still dancing right? Yes and no. Yes he’s still dancing but now he’s attending the events his crew is booked for. Usually they stick to a few events and that’s it. They follow the rules the organizer sets out for them and it can start to feel like an obligation instead of having fun. This is vibe killer as well;
  3. When a taxi dancer gets booked abroad that usually means they are doing a great job. So why would that be a problem? Well, when Dutch crews are working abroad Dutch organizers need to book foreign crews. That’s an idiotic waste of talent. The Dutch ladies will come more in contact with foreign taxi dancers and start to prefer them, cause the ladies have no clue about how much talent our Dutch crews have. This results into more Dutch female dancers going to events abroad. So now most of the advanced folk are gone and the level of the next generation of dancers grows much slower in the Netherlands. When starting dancers see advanced moves they get inspired and want to learn quicker. I remember how I used to watch de advanced dancers and they motivated me. I know, some peeps get intimidated by advanced dancers, but don’t worry take your time, you will get there.


It’s a known fact that most Kizomba dancers don’t drink at events. Well, this is a good thing but a problem for the organizer. The turnover a venue makes is mostly defined by how may drinks there are sold. So if dancers don’t drink that much, less turnover for the host and a lot more expenses for the organizers. This is the reason why the venues aren’t always adequate enough for dancers to have fun. Not only the peeps influence the vibe, a bad location is just as killing.


Ambition vs status

Nowadays everybody wants to become an organizer. So why would this be a problem?  With more organizers there will be more events and this will result into selection. Not every dancer can go to every party and you certainly can’t be at two places at the same time. Some events will be packed others will be dreary. You could say, yeah that’s just healthy competition! It is, but is it healthy for the Dutch Kizomba scene? When an organizer sees Kizomba as a symbol of status the vibe at the party will adapt to that! And like I already said, Kizomba is about having fun, not about




I feel teachers are a pathway for the next generation, to grow, to evolve and to have fun while doing it. Sadly, there are teachers who disturb and slow down this process. There are teachers out there who don’t motivate their students enough to go to events and practice their dancing skills. Newbies often won’t be confident enough to attend on their own. Some teachers have their own socials, where the students can practice. I think teachers have the responsibility to help the next generation. To help them on their way to become better dancers.


So, in conclusion, al lot of reasons can be mentioned as why the Dutch Kizomba scene is changing in a negative way. The answers? Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I will keep insuring that my peeps have fun!

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