CEO & Founder,

founded Kizomba Evolution in February of 2015 in Rotterdam  as the first Dutch dancer who danced and the first Dutch teacher teaching Urban Kiz.

Donnovan his roots are in Suriname, and lives in the Netherlands since 2001.All of his life Donnovan was busy with sports and exercise.
He began in 1992 with competitive swimming, and has done this for 17 years and won many different prices.

After hè ended his swimming career, Donnovan used his knowledge as a swimmer and became a trainer of his old swimming team Arethusa in Oss.
Donnovan still holds some records there.

His love for sports drove him to the training supervisor to Sport and exercise at CIOS (Centraal Instituut Opleiding Sportleiders). In his spare time Donnovan was also active in addition to competitive swimming with water-polo and basketball.

Donnovan came in touch with dancing for the first time in 2004. when he started with Hip Hop before he found his passion for Kizomba through Salsa. After his first Kizomba workshop in 2013, Donnovan knew that he wanted to make this dance style his own. and set his goals to becoming a much better dancers, by practicing everyday. Donnovan started with Kizomba (traditional dance), but found the Urban Kiz style more suitable to his background of dancing. He started taking Urban Kiz workshops from some of the best teachers around.

His competitive attitude which he owned true his swimming career, made sure that he wanted to learn everything about this style in a short amount of time and what brought him to the level he is now. Over the years Donnovan changed and improved his style and technics many times. His focus, drive and creativity helps him to constantly develop and improve. To this day Donnovan is still evolving in his dance.

Donnovan came up with the name Kizomba Evolution because of the changes the dance was going through and because of the style he started dancing at that moment.

Donnovan has his own style, which can be described as: innovative, dynamic and fun.

When Donnovan started teaching Urban Kiz, he was the 1st dancer in the Netherlands who was dancing this style, and when he started teaching he was also the 1st teacher in the Netherlands who started teaching Urban Kiz for all levels.

Donnovan is one of the many good Urban kiz teacher in the Netherlands, and who is specialized in the Urban Kiz foundation.

When Donnovan started teaching Kizomba Urban Kiz, he also started organizing his own kizomba social dance event for his students, because he wanted them to have the opportunity to practice what they had learned after the classes.

This social grew out to be a fun place to dance, hangout and meet new people.

Today Donnovan is the organizer who has created and started the concepts for 2 of the most popular and best Kizomba social dance events in The Netherlands.

The 1st social dance event created and started by Donnovan is still being organized every Tuesday in Rotterdam (The 1st free kizomba social in the Netherlands with live Dj’s) formally known as Kizomba Evolution Dance Night, these days also known as Afterworkz.

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The  2nd concept created and started by Donnovan and is still being organized every Monday in Amsterdam formally known as #Kizomba ( Hashtag Kizomba) these days known as Kizz MeetUp.

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In 2015 Donnovan also started organizing bigger weekend dance events, because he found the quality of most of the events at that time were not to his standards.

And he knew he could do it better! And decided to start organizing these events himself, where the focus was and will always will be on the dancers.

Here are the Kizomba and Latin dance events Donnovan has created and organized in the Netherlands.

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– Kizomba Euphoria
– Euphoria Latin Vibes 
Kizomba Outdoor Rotterdam
– Latin Outdoor Rotterdam
– Kizomba Evolution Dance Night. (Social)

– Striktly Evolution
  (collaboration with Striktly, salsa & bachata )
– Kizomba City

– # Kizomba (Hashtag Kizomba)   (Social)
– Rotterdam Kizomba Night  (Social)
– Kizomba Smash. (Social)
– Nijmegen Outdoor Social

– Dancing Sunday Nijmegen
– We Are Kizomba.
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