every Monday


(DEC 5 – 19)

19:00 – 20:00 hours

20:00 – 21:00 hours



every wednesday


(7 DEC – 21)

Intermediate / Advanced
19:15 – 20:15 hours

20:15 – 21:15 hours

21:15 – 23:00 hours






Your Teachers

kizomba Urban Kiz

Here are the teachers you will meet in your class.

Who Are They?



Rotterdam/ Nijmegen
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Your Classes

Regular Class

4 weeks

4 lessons

Student Class

4 weeks

4 lessons

Single Class

1 week

1 lesson

How It Works

Welcome to Kizomba Evolution Classes.

Here you will find all relevant information about how it works in our classes.

Our Classes:
At Kizomba Evolution we have cycles of 4 weeks (60 min).
Every 5 weeks we start a new cycle.
If you miss the 1st class of the cycle, you can still join the last 3 classes.
You can also join and pay a single class, if you don’t always have time to join the regular classes.

Before joining our classes, you should know:
In our classes, we do not elevate students because they want to be at a higher level faster. We elevate dancers by the skills and technics they have mastered!
So if your goal is to get into a higher lever fast, then our classes are “NOT” for you.
We take pride in the students we have reached throughout the years. students who have the skills to dance with style, with quality, and who love to dance and enjoy themselves while doing so.

  • Are you coming to our class for the first time?
    You are then able to participate the 1st 30 minutes of every new cycle “ONLY ONCE” for “FREE” as a trial class or a level check. this is for you to get an impression of our style and our way of teaching.
    By staying the full hour, you agree to participate in the entire lesson and you also agree to the costs for a single class € 20,-.
    If you decide to continue with the entire cycle (4 weeks, 60 min per class), the costs can be found when you check the city you would like to take your classes.

What shoes should you wear?
For ladies: Heels or flats that are flexible and comfortable. (no shoes with a thick or hard soles) This will make it harder for you to transfer your weight.
For men: Sneakers or dancing shoes that are flexible and comfortable. 
(no shoes with a thick or hard soles) This will make it harder for you to transfer your weight.


  • No Partner?:

If you join our classes it is NOT mandatory to have a dance partner, although it is always better to have one due to the Leader & Follower (men & women) ratio in our classes.
Bring a partner if you can, if not we will provide one for you!


  • Styles we teach in our classes:

These are the styles we teach in all our classes! 

  • -Kizomba
  • -Urban Kiz
  • -Tarraxa
  • -Tarraxhina
  • -Conpa
  • -Tarraxo (Coming Soon!)
Why do we teach all these styles in our classes?
  • We want our students to know what styles are danced in the scene, what they can expect.
  • We also want our students to be allround in dancing when going to Kizomba or Latin events, so they will have many more dance partners and dances than dancers who dance only one style.
  • Note!: Every student who introduces 2 or more dancers who join and pay a whole cycle (4 weeks) will receive an additional €5 discount on the next 2 cycle (8 weeks total)

  • We not only focus on Basic and Techniques!
    In our classes we not only teach our students the proper basics and techniques of leading and following. We also teach our students how to behave in the social aspect of the dance.We want them to be aware of how things work in this scene.

  • Women Leaders:
    Women are also welcome and allowed to join our classes to learn how to lead.

    because ladies dancing as leaders is “a” solution for the men / women ratio in the scene.

  • Warning!:
    In order to grow the best in your dance, students do not advance to the next level automatically.
    After every cycle, the teachers decide and notify if students have improved enough to advance to a next level.