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Here you will learn more about us, what we do, how we came to be, what we did in the Dutch scene and what we stand for.

Kizomba Evolution was founded in 2015 by Donnovan when he decided to start teaching Urban Kiz dance classes for all levels.Kizomba Evolution was at that moment the 1st Urban Kiz dance school of the Netherlands.

Our goals is to teach students how to have fun while giving them the techniques and skills to dance Kizomba or Urban Kiz.
We also want to help expand and attract more dancers who would like to learn and love this dance just as we do.

How the name Kizomba Evolution came about:
Over the years, Kizomba has had a huge transformation, resulting in the development of a whole new genre called URBAN-KIZ.
Not only the dance style but also the dancers, teachers and the music have contributed to this evolution. Many dancers and teachers have developed their own unique style, way of dancing and teaching .
All these changes and transformations have contributed to the emergence of this new dance style and therefore the name Kizomba Evolution.
Because evolution is a part of life and dance is a way of life teachers at Kizomba Evolution constantly improve their style, technics and skills to keep moving forward.

And because our teachers know the best way to becoming a much better dancer starts at the bottom, teaching our students the right way of dancing in the beginning will make sure they have much more fun dancing when they get to an higher level or when dancing with an much better dance partner.

Trough out the years the teachers at Kizomba Evolution have specialized themselves in Urban Kiz techniques and the Urban Kiz foundation.
Kizomba Evolution has its own style which is described as creative, innovative, dynamic and fun.

During the classes the teachers try to convey their passion and creativity for Kizomba Urban Kiz (the game of leading and following with an unmistakable connection between partners and the playfulness with the music) to their students.

The name Urban-Kiz was created by some of the best Kizomba and Urban-Kiz dancers and teachers to mark the separation between  “Kizomba” the circular dance (known to many as traditional Kizomba) and  “Urban-Kiz” the linear dance (also known as the French style or Kizomba Fusion)

 because of the type of music dancers dance to.  KIZ: Because this style evolved from Kizomba.

Kizomba Evolution was founded in February of 2015 in Rotterdam.

We started out with 2 levels and 14 students and quickly grew out to become one of the biggest Kizomba dance schools in the Netherlands with over 100 students spread out over 5 levels. Soon after that we and also started teaching Kizomba in cities like Utrecht, Amsterdam, Breda and Nijmegen.
These days we only teach in Rotterdam and Nijmegen, with the prospects of Eindhoven in the near future.

We are specialized in the Urban Kiz foundation. what means we teach our students the best way that we think is necessary to dance Kizomba Urban Kiz.
Our teacher have a high regard for good techniques and fun during the classes.
So our focus and priority is always on techniques and having fun while teaching.

In 2015 Kizomba Evolution also started organizing Events.
Today Kizomba Evolution created and started the concepts for 2 of the most popular and best Kizomba social dance parties in 2 of the biggest cities in the Netherlands, and was the inspiration of many more.

The 1st concept created and started by us is organized every Tuesday in Rotterdam (also the 1st free kizomba social dance event with dj’s in the Netherlands) formally known as Kizomba Evolution Dance Night, these days also known as Afterworkz.
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The 2nd concept created and organized is every Monday in Amsterdam formally known as #Kizomba ( Hashtag Kizomba) these days known as Kizz MeetUp.
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In 2015 Kizomba Evolution also started organizing bigger weekend events, because we found the quality of most of the events not our standards.
We knew we could do it better, and so we started organizing themselves, where the focus of the events is always on the dancers. 

Here are some of the Kizomba and Latin events we have created and organized in the Netherlands.

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– Kizomba Euphoria
– Euphoria Latin Vibes 
Kizomba Outdoor Rotterdam
– Latin Outdoor Rotterdam
– Kizomba Evolution Dance Night. (Social)

– Striktly Evolution
  (collaboration with Striktly, salsa & bachata )
– Kizomba City

– # Kizomba (Hashtag Kizomba)   (Social)
– Rotterdam Kizomba Night  (Social)
– Kizomba Smash. (Social)
– Nijmegen Outdoor Social

– Dancing Sunday Nijmegen
– We Are Kizomba.
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With More Coming!