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Kizomba Evolution is the first all Kizomba Urban Kiz danceschool in the Netherlands. Specialized in the technical side of the Urban Kiz style.
Urban Kiz is the new style Kizomba.

The danceschool was founded by Donnovan ST.
Donnovan wasn't only the first dancer who started with this Urban Kiz style in The Netherlands but also the first Kizomba teacher in The Netherlands who started teaching Urban Kiz for all levels.

Donnovan is at the moment one of the best Urban Kiz teacher in The Netherlands.

At Kizomba Evolution the focus of the teachers lies more in teaching the basics of Kizomba and teaching the right technics for all the steps and tricks.
Because we know the basic to becoming a good dancer starts at the bottom.
So teaching students the right way of dancing in the beginning.
Gives them less problems when they get to an higher level.

At Kizomba Evolution we teach Urban Kiz for all levels and in different cities across the Netherlands. Check out the cities we teach.

Kizomba Evolution has it's own unique style, witch is described as innovative, dynamic and fun.

Our style was created so every student who learns urban kiz from Kizomba Evolution could dance this with all other kizomba styles (Kizomba, Urban Kiz and Tarraxa)



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