Kizomba Evolution is the first dance school in the Netherlands, that started teaching Urban Kiz for all levels, and who is specialized in the technical side of the dance.
Urban Kiz is the modern style Kizomba.

Because our teachers know, the basic to becoming a better dancer starts at the bottom, teaching our students the right way of dancing in the beginning, gives them less problems when they get to an higher level.
So students will have more fun when going out.

The Teachers at Kizomba Evolution have their own unique style, which are described as innovative, dynamic and fun.
Their focus, drive and creativity helps them to constantly develop and improve their technics, skills and style.

Today Donnovan is the organizer who created and started the concepts for 2 of the most populair and best Kizomba social dance parties during the week, and was the inspiration of many more in the Netherlands.

The 1st concept he created and started is organized every Tuesday in Rotterdam (The 1st free kizomba social dance event with dj's in the Netherlands) formally known as Kizomba Evolution Dance Night, these days also known as Afterworkz.
(Click the names to see the video or the page!)

The 2nd concept created and started is organized every Monday in Amsterdam formally known as #Kizomba ( Hashtag Kizomba) these days known as Kizz MeetUp.
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