Kizomba Evolution is the first all Urban Kiz danceschool in the Netherlands, in what we are specialized.
Urban Kiz is the new style Kizomba.

Because the basic to becoming a good dancer starts at the bottom, teaching students the right way of dancing in the beginning, gives them less problems when they get to an higher level.

Also, Kizomba Evolution teaches regulair classes for all levels in Nijmegen, and give workshops at events and festivals around the world. Check where you can find us.

The Teachers have their own unique style, which are described as unique, innovative, dynamic and fun.

Wondering how our style looks like? Check out our video's!
Want to know how we teach? Come and check out our classes, workshops or bootcamps.

Founded in February 2015 by Donnovan ST for teaching, organizing is also something we do, as we organize both Kizomba and Latin Events.
We started, and setup the concept for 2 of the best and most  populair Kizomba dance events in the Netherlands.
1st every Monday in Amsterdam named "# Kizomba"  (Hashtag Kizomba) and 2nd every Tuesday in Rotterdam (The only free kizomba social in the Netherlands) formerly known as "Kizomba Evolution Dance Night", these days known as "Afterworkz".